Cooking Fever Cheats

Cooking Fever was release on 20. August 2014. Until now it has became one of the best known cooking and time management games. You will have to complete different chapters in the game which are all playing in other restaurants. To be able to complete these chapters successfully you have to upgrade your kitchen frequently. As the number of guests you have to serve is rising from level to level you need better equipment to serve all of them in the prescribed time. The faster you serve them the more money you get in form of a tip. Because of the expensive upgrades you might have to grind gold by playing the same levels over and over again or invest real money to upgrade with gems. So we came up with a great idea and invented a Cooking Fever cheats what can generate you an unlimited amount of Gold and Gems.
The Cooking Fever Cheats is working from your browser what gives you the certainty that your device won’t get hurt by anything harmful. You can visit our site from your mobile phone or Computer and make use of it. So it works for every device without any issues. The Cooking Fever cheats works as follows, it connects to the games database at first and then searches for your account. If the account gets found successful the amount of Coins and Gems is getting added to the existing one. By using the Cooking Fever hack you will have much more fun in the game as you will never have to farm coins again as to waste your time while waiting for your energy to refill. Another benefit is that you can afford all those cool decorations now by making use of the Cooking Fever Hack.

Cooking Fever Cheats that actually works!

As this hack tool is programmed by very good programmers they already have programmed several top anti-cheats. They have no toil spared to program one of the most efficient and best working anti-ban scripts for our Cooking fever Hack. There are features implemented as a private proxy and a encryption system of 256 bit. Use our Cooking Fever Cheats now to generate unlimited amounts of gems and gold to play the game without any problems and time wasting. Our team ensures you that the Cooking Fever Hack will bring you the most fun in the game as theres no boring gold farming needed anymore.

Is it free using the Cooking Fever Hack?

Yes we made the Cooking fever hack completely free to use as we are against investing real money into games. Thats why we made that Cooking Fever hack. We want that things change and people dont have to invest their worthful money into games for getting virtual goods. With using this Cooking Fever Cheats you won’t ever have to farm gold again, you can just enjoy the game in its fullest and complete every level of it with ease.